Creativity — Reviews — Critique

As an artist, the focus and priority is the actual act of painting and creating — conveying something from the inside out onto a canvas. That is the initial act of communication, driven by an internal force, the end result of which emanating as a separate entity, with a physical existence and representation of its own.

That process, from start to finish, has a satisfying quality in itself, but once the creation exists it is in its nature that it can now be shared with others, by exhibiting and perhaps by selling it — all part of being a professional artist.

The value of a work of art — over and above just the total sum of the materials used, and the technicalities of the execution — is something that could be described as dependent on the last act of communication; the interaction between the work and the one looking at it.

There might (or might not) be a seemingly obvious meaning embedded or encoded in an image, but the value, the quality, the message received, is something that is very personal, an experience belonging most definitely to the beholder.

Those endowed with a combination of a receptivity for the inherent qualities of works of art, as well as a gift for expressing their experiences by the use of words — i.e. those known as art critics — perform a very valuable function for not only those looking at a work, but most definitely for the initiator of the communication; the artist.

For that reason I have decided to include here a (limited) selection of reviews that have given me valuable feedback regarding my acts of communication, all in the hope of adding to the totality of this web site, but also in appreciation of the insights and eloquence expressed therein.