A Virtual Art Exhibition

At a real exhibition a then current selection of works are put on display, presented in a way intended to show them off at their best, allowing the viewers to wander around at their own pace.

With modern technology it has become much easier to combine several exhibitions in one place, showing selected works spanning over a vaster range of time, themes and concepts. In that manner it has become possible to perhaps see more of the historical 'trend' of the works — to follow the artist's development — and, perhaps, to get hints of what is yet to come.

On offer here are several 'tours' through some selected works — a selection that will be gradually added to — focusing on different aspects. A most 'natural' tour is of course the historical one, showing the works more or less according to a pure time-line, but several different options are available, as can be seen and selected in the left-hand column.

Once you have entered a 'tour' you can peruse it at your own pace by clicking on the previous or next buttons at the top right. Should you wish a more leisurely experience then you can click on the start button, which will give you a slide show, allowing you to just sit down and enjoy the views.

Please note that the images of the artworks are compressed in order to make transfers over the Internet faster. Since all the contents of this web site, including all texts, and all artworks and the images of them are covered by copyright, all images also contain copyright notices, as a reminder that any other use except viewing on this web site — such as commercial use or any other type of redistribution — is not allowed without an explicit permission from Carmen Pizzuto, who is claiming the rights as the creator of these works. After suitable arrangements images of much higher quality can be made available.